Sophie Bayntun

Growing up Sophie was surrounded by creativity. From her father and mother painting pictures and debating about what made a painting worth celebrating, to working in the woodwork studio, to cooking with the family for the endless streams of people turning up to the house. Always the youngest one at the table talking to Illustrators, actors, painters, builders she found a passion for inquiry. She found love and inspiration from these people who seemed like forces of nature. 
Like most children Sophie painted but later down the line she felt that she had to have a "proper" vocation. She became a chef for a number of years, still creating but just with food. That never quite cut the mustard though, so she pick up the paint brush again.
Sophie now spends every day in her atelier, observing the Atlantic sea from the beautiful archipelago island of Madeira. Seeing ships and weather that come and go; bringing and taking landscapes away. The valleys, the sea, the highlands all provide a constant source of colour.
Sophie's art is an interpretation of her environment and by reflection, her position within it.

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